-PIR-ALU« is available in a practical and simple system of  cut and assemble. The panels have converted a traditionally specialist area into DIY; ie: the rectangular ducts are readily available, easily installed and at DIY prices.

-With a little basic training and only two special installation tools, installation is now well within the reach of any builder or tradesperson.

-The company Poliuretanos, S.A., has a highly qualified, experienced and innovative team that guarantees results by working together with the client and providing all the necessary technical and commercial support.

-Our satisfied clients from every continent are happy to endorse and confirm the quality of service and instillation for which we are renowned.

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Poliuretanos, S.A. produces a complete range of products made of Polyurethane (PUR), Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Phenolic Foam (PF) in long run or in block for diverse applications in the field of insulation.  


PIR-ALU« is a product of Poliuretanos, S.A.

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