PIR-ALU® is a panel of pure embossed aluminium pre-insulated with a Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam and used in the construction of ducting for air distribution in ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems (HVAC).

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-With these PIR-ALU® pre-insulated panels an extremely high quality ducting can be achieved, as a direct result of the combination of the aluminium and of excellent insulation (PIR). This combination also provides and excellent internal air quality (IAQ), a fine external finish, longlife material, lightweight and easily transported, manipulated and constructed.

-Ducting systems constructed with PIR-ALU® pre-insulated panels can be installed either in the interior or on the exterior of a building, visible or with a false ceiling in residential and commercial use.

-As well PIR-ALU® pre-insulated panels are an excellent option in industry sectors such as food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, hospitals & medical centres etc. Where there is a need for a provision of a high level of quality and hygiene.

-The panels comply to the strict national and international standards for these types of materials and comply with the exacting international standards; ASHARE, SMACNA, BS, CEN etc.

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